Rolling To Merimbula

Drive, fly, swim, walk, pedal…just make sure you get there!

2 – 9 September 2020

Driving to SITMOM

The journey and the destination are as equally important on this trip.

If you would like to join other Rolling Solo Australia® members making the pilgrimage toward the Merimbula in a tagalong journey (just like at SITM2018, SITM2018, SITMEX2019)  – be sure to check out the tagalong groups in the community app for members.

Joining a tagalong is a great way to make new friends, experience new places, learn from learn from fellow members, have loads of laughs, fun, and enjoy the journey safely with company in numbers.

Organised tagalong details are in the community app in the huddles area.  Pop in there and join which one may suit your route.