Want to come get stuck with us?

If you haven’t let us know you want to come along yet….

you will need to register.

Our Stuck in The Middle event website is viewable to the public.  But only Rolling Solo members and their guests can attend.   

So to make sure everyone going is a current Rolling Solo member we get you to fill out a few details for us.


Register First

We need to know a bit about you before you can get a ticket.  Fill out the registration form with your information and hit submit.  If it’s not letting you finish, then you have missed something on the form.

Wait for email

Grab a coffee, go have some lunch.  Approval is not instant.  We just need to check you’re a member.

If you don’t hear from us in 24 hours give us a nudge… press this link

Check your spam junk just in case


once approved it's time to go shopping!!

Remember that password you setup at event  registration?

Go dig it out. You’ll need it to login.

Head to the menu 3 lines top right and press login.


New year, new event.  Please create your login details.  These will be what you use to login.  It can be the same as any other site, you just need to remember them!

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